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We are a travel website specialized in providing you with information on when to travel, what places to visit and the type of climate of your next destination in Mexican lands. Our mission is to make your trips the best time of your life with up-to-date information on the documentation required to travel, weather conditions, the best restaurants, activities you can do with your family, partner or friends, on hotels with best location. This information found in “Places World” is precise, clear and direct to help you find the best locations in the main tourist sites that you should visit on your next trip to Mexico, for this we have four sections of Hotels, Restaurants, Places Historical and Entertainment where we offer you complete and reliable guides.

What historical places to visit during your stay in Mexico?

On your next trip to Mexico you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the historical places of this beautiful country. Knowing these places full of history that defines the identity of the country and that have marked a before and after is an extraordinary experience.

In “Places World” we show you a complete guide to the historical places to see in Mexico, from the famous Chichen Itzá in Yucatan, to visit the Archaeological Zone of Tulum in Quintana Roo. Knowing the Chapultepec Castle, the Monument to the Revolution, the Black Palace of Lecumberri in Mexico City are some of the many historical places that you can find on your visit to Mexican lands.

The best hotels in Mexico

It is possible to find and book your stay in the best hotels in Mexico with a good relationship between price and quality by consulting our Hotels section, where we offer you a detailed selection of the best hotels to make your stay in Mexico a warm and unforgettable experience.

If you still cannot find a hotel to stay in Mexico, it is “Places World” we offer you a complete review of the main hotels in Mexico depending on their location, you can find a varied selection according to your requirements, if you need a stay for a family, with cheap prices, with everything included, hotels with offers, luxury accommodation, romantic or the most popular of today.

Thinking about your needs, choose hotels near the airport or terminals to move more easily, hotels near the main tourist places. We recommend you choose, stay in places that best suit your trip.

What are the best restaurants in Mexico?

Mexico is one of the most famous “culinary capitals” in the world and the desire to eat in the best restaurants in Mexico is understandable. Gastronomy is the country of tequila and tacos, it has a diverse gastronomy for its regions that combine exotic foods, with spicy sauces and garnishes with excellent flavors for the most demanding palates.

The best restaurants in Mexico, according to “Places World”, we believe are those where you can find a variety of typical traditional dishes, with good service where eating rich is an experience. On this website you will find excellent proposals for restaurants in Mexican lands.

What entertainment activities to do in Mexico?

The sports, entertainment and leisure activities that you can do in Mexican lands are skydiving, visiting the Lunaria planetarium, theme parks, water parks, zoos, going on safari, enjoying with family or friends a day of fun in the games adventure, attend the K1 speed karts entertainment center, enjoy sporting events or music festivals held during your next trip to Mexico.

In this space of “Places World” we have a selection of the best points of attraction and entertainment, according to your tastes you can choose between practicing adventure sports, walking around tourist places, visiting aquariums. We show you the main activities.

Frequent questions

  • What can I find on this website?  Reviews made by people with sites of places of interest.
  • Can I comment on my experiences?  Of course, in all the articles there is a comment section, you can write your ideas for other users
  • Does this service have any cost?  No, everything you see on this website belongs to the community and for the community, feel free to share these texts with whomever you see fit.
  • Do you offer online reservations with the places on the website?  No, currently we only write opinions about the places of our interest, in the future we hope to offer more services like this.


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