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Eternal Impressions Salon

December 26, 2022

Eternal Impressions Salon is a beauty salon located in Corona, California. The reviews from customers about the place are mixed, with some expressing satisfaction with the services received and others expressing dissatisfaction.

Some customers praise the stylist, Regina, for being professional and easy to talk to, and for being able to produce a wide range of different hair colors. Other customers describe their experience at the salon as wonderful, stating that Regina did a great job on their hair.

A few other customers also describe having positive experiences at the salon, praising the stylist’s skills and the cleanliness of the salon. One customer even mentioned receiving massages at the salon in addition to having their hair done. However, not all customers have had positive experiences at the salon. One customer complained about their child receiving a poor haircut and being charged a high price for it. Overall, Eternal Impressions Salon has a mixed reputation among its customers, with some expressing satisfaction and others dissatisfaction with the services received.


I loved this salon. I emailed her and she emailed me back the next .learning since I was looking at salons at night. Regina did wonders for me. I know this is long but I havent felt pretty for 25 yrs and hadn’t had my hair done. I t took me 2 dayshonestly. to look in the mirror since I havent really looked in the mirror for urs. When I did I started crying h. My 3 kids r so happy and say they r getting back the mom they once had. Older and fatter but working on that. I cant say enough about this salon

straight up did the homiecita wrong at this place. not only had the audacity to mess up my bestie’s hair color and style her hair funky, but didn’t even bother to refund or offer any compensation. total lack of professionalism regardless of the amount of time spent on the client. simply unacceptable to say the least. flat out wrong🙄 s/o luka btw

Regina was great. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do! I love my hair cut and color.

If you have been looking for a good honest salon this is the one,Regina is kind and cares about her clients and the health of their hair,she has descent prices and never will over charge her work,give Eternal Impressions a try you won’t be disappointed.

Regina is amazing! I brought my niece who has black hair to her and she successfully dyed it light bright pink and it looks absolutely amazing! Definitely go check her out!

Contact information

  • Address: 110 W 10th St, Corona, CA 92882, United States
  • Phone number: +19517508970