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Wild Beauty Cosmetics

December 29, 2022

Wild Beauty Cosmetics is a holistic skin care studio and shop located at 4630 Soquel Drive, Suite 1 in Soquel, California. The business is owned and operated by Danielle, who is a DMK Skin Revision Therapist and specializes in helping people with skin conditions.

Customers have had positive experiences with Danielle’s services, which include threading, professional makeup, facial treatments, and micro needling. They have praised her for being knowledgeable about skincare, informative about the products and routines that are best for their skin, and for using natural and safe ingredients.

Danielle is also described as being friendly, relaxing, and intuitive, and customers report that their skin is left glowing and feeling nourished after their treatments. Some customers have even said that Danielle has helped them achieve the best skin they’ve had in their adulthood. In addition, Danielle has created her own line of oils to provide her clients with the best quality products.

Advantages and disadvantages of Wild Beauty Cosmetics:


  • Customers have had positive experiences with the services offered at Wild Beauty Cosmetics, including threading, professional makeup, facial treatments, and micro needling.
  • Danielle, the owner and operator of the business, is highly knowledgeable about skincare and is able to provide informative and personalized recommendations to her clients.
  • The business uses natural and safe ingredients in its products and treatments, which may be appealing to some customers.
  • Customers have reported feeling relaxed and nourished after their treatments, and some have even seen improvements in their skin.


  • The business is located in Soquel, California, which may not be convenient for people who live far away.
  • Prices for services and products may be higher than those offered by other businesses.
  • The availability of appointments may be limited, depending on demand.
  • Some customers may prefer more traditional or medical approaches to skincare and may not be interested in the holistic approach offered by Wild Beauty Cosmetics.



The contact information for Wild Beauty Cosmetics:

  • Address: 4630 Soquel Drive, Suite 1, Soquel, California 95073, United States
  • Phone: +1 831-247-6215