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Accurate rate Insurance Services, Inc.

July 6, 2023

Accurate Rate Insurance Services, Inc. located at 2090 S Garey Ave, Pomona, CA 91766, United States, is a reliable and accessible insurance agency. With a focus on providing excellent customer service, they offer a range of insurance coverage and policies to meet your needs.

One of their standout agents, Aubrey Franco, is known for her exceptional assistance and professionalism. Aubrey takes the time to explain your coverage and policy details, ensuring that you feel confident in your choices. Her friendly demeanor and dedication to helping clients make the insurance process a breeze.

Customers appreciate the personalized approach at Accurate Rate Insurance. Many have been with them for years, trusting their expertise and dependability. One satisfied customer expresses, “I highly recommend this location when you’re looking for insurance, and I give Aubrey five stars.” Another client adds, “Aubrey, the agent at the front desk, was polite and professional. She treated me and my wife like family, and we’ll definitely be recommending her.”

However, not all experiences have been positive. One customer recounts a frustrating incident where they felt the agency was trying to overcharge them for a new policy, leading them to seek an alternative option. They express their disappointment, stating, “Very untrustworthy people. I will be ending my girlfriend’s policy with them soon and convincing my family to take their business elsewhere.”

In summary, Accurate Rate Insurance Services, Inc. offers accessible insurance services with helpful agents like Aubrey Franco. While some customers have had negative experiences, many appreciate the personalized service and competitive prices provided by the agency.


  1. “I have been a customer of Accurate Rate Insurance (Pomona) for many years and have dealt with several of their agents. I have to say that there is an agent (Aubrey Franco), very helpful, pleasant, professional, takes time to explain your coverage/policy and makes you feel confident that you’re at the right place. I highly recommend this location when you’re looking for Insurance, and I give Aubrey five stars.”
  2. “Aubrey, the agent in the front desk was very polite and professional. She got us insurance at a good price and treated me and my wife like family. I will definitely be recommending her.”

Accurate Rate Insurance Services, Inc. Accessibility

Services Offered
– Wheelchair-accessible parking
– Insurance coverage and policies
– Professional and helpful agents
– Competitive prices
– Personalized customer service
– Convenient location