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Lovely Hair & Nails of Lebanon

November 27, 2022

Lovely Hair & Nails, with a modern, chic, clean and luxurious atmosphere, brings you a different experience. They strive to provide the highest standards of service in salon hygiene and sanitation. The health, safety and comfort of our customers is our top priority. Thank you for making THE NAIL BOX your preferred nail spa and salon.

They look forward to welcoming and pampering you. All manicure and pedicure sets are disposable (cushions, files, pumice stone, slippers and toe separators). All stainless steel equipment is soaked and autoclaved for hospital disinfection. Pads and safety flakes are used to ensure the safety of our clients’ pedicures every time.


  • Half of the Acrylics fell off within 3 days, BOTH times nails were done here back to back by two different techs. Prices not what is advertised on website or in their shop. When questioned, they wouldn’t honor the posted prices “costs have gone up”….😑 won’t be back
  • Julie did an excellent job I would let her do my pedicure again. She took her time & was very nice to talk too.
  • So they fixed the acrylic nails and cut them down a lot. I love them now and I won’t be embarrassed to go into my new job with my nails😁 I just love them!!
  • Sophie does an excellent job in doing multitask of my 90-year-old mother-in-law nails feet whiskers thank you so much for being so gentle and kind
  • Just went in for a manicure and it was probably the best I ever had. She wasn’t rushed or in a hurry and did a very thorough job. Will definitely be going back.
  • Rachel was so friendly and fun and did such an amazing job on my gel manicure. Stephanie made my grandma’s acrylics so beautiful! We will definitely be back💜❤
  • Honestly, horribly disappointed after seeing all their positive reviews. Not sure if I got the one bad technician in the place, but I have never had a manicure this bad. To start, she clipped down my natural nails and left the jagged as she glued down the tips. After dremeling the surface of my nails, she left all the crumbs there and continued the process. She used wayyyy too much glue all over my entire nail and glued each of my fingers to my nail. As she used the gel nail hardener, she used a tiny brush in jagged strokes to leave a sloppy end result, instead of doing a smooth bead with a long brush. All the crumbs from filing and drilling my nails down got in the nail hardener. She then proceeded to file my nail down with the dremel to file them down and left them horribly bumpy. Some spots she completely missed with the hardener and other spots she didn’t even file down. I originally asked for ombré, which after some attempts with a makeup sponge and nail polish (which I coulda done at home myself) I told her her to just do white nails. When I said what she did with the makeup sponge didn’t look anything like what I wanted, I suggested all white. She suggested French tip and proceeded with French tips. Each are crooked and horribly uneven. The nail itself is extremely bumpy, the gel is bubbly and their is gel polish on my finger. Even the shape of my nails is not consistent to one another. I would not recommend that tech to anyone. She was nice but shouldn’t be doing nails if this is her quality of work. ***UPDATE*** I went back and talked to the owner, Tammy worked to fix them and they are gorgeous! She carefully went back to fix the hardening gel and redid the gel polish to make what I originally wanted. Thank you so much!! I would highly recommend Tammy!

Contact and Location & Hours

  • 618 Cornwall RD Lebanon, PA 17042
  • (717) 272-2050