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Destin Car Wash

February 2, 2024

Red Eye Joes Destin Car Wash offers a convenient and economical self-service car wash experience in Destin, Florida. Located at 4627 Opa-Locka Ln, Destin, FL 32541, United States, this establishment operates 24 hours a day, ensuring accessibility for all schedules.

Services Offered:

Self-service car washConvenient cubicles for washing vehicles

Contact Information:

  • Phone: +18508376061


Red Eye Joes offers a fantastic self-service car wash experience. I visited on a quiet Tuesday night and had no wait time. The automatic bay was efficient, and the priciest wash option was a bargain at $8. While the wash was thorough, improvements in brush height would enhance the depth perception. Vacuum service was mostly functional, with one hose needing attention. Despite minor tweaks, I recommend Red Eye Joes for its affordability and convenience.

Efficient and affordable, Red Eye Joes provides a great self-service car wash option. I appreciated the lack of queues, even during peak hours. The wash quality was commendable, although adjustments to brush height could enhance the overall experience. Despite minor flaws, the value for money is undeniable.

Red Eye Joes offers a wallet-friendly self-service car wash experience. During my visit, I encountered no wait time and found the automatic bay to be efficient. While the wash itself was thorough, adjustments to brush height could improve results. Despite minor issues, I recommend Red Eye Joes for its convenience and affordability.

Red Eye Joes’ self-service car wash provides adequate cleaning at a reasonable price. While the wash itself is satisfactory, improvements in brush height adjustment would enhance the overall experience.

Red Eye Joes offers a standard self-service car wash experience. While the facilities are functional, there is room for improvement in brush height adjustment for better cleaning results.


  • Magnetic loop assistance
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance, space, and parking
  • Wheelchair-accessible restrooms