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M&M Superior Hand Car Wash & Detailing

December 9, 2022

Hand Car Wash & Auto Detail was born from a passion for cars, focusing on automotive aesthetic solutions. However, our love for cars has led us to extend our services to 4×4 vehicles, motorcycles, RZRs, and MTBs, always with the goal of improving our range of services and customer care as well as our facilities. As long as our machines can handle it, we will be there.


Our car wash and auto detailing center specializes in exterior and interior hand wash and detail services for vehicles. They have friendly and professional technicians who are qualified to help customers restore their vehicles to their initial condition through thorough cleaning, vacuuming, conditioning, or waxing. All of the services we offer are tailored to our clients’ needs and performed with attention to every detail.


Some customers have found the car wash staff to be amazing to work with and treating them with respect. They have recommended the services provided by the car wash, stating that they would not go anywhere else for ceramic coating and detailing. They have also praised the staff’s knowledge and care for their vehicles.
One customer has given a particularly negative review, stating that the car wash is absolutely horrible and needs better management. They have also mentioned that it would be nice if the vacuum worked.One customer has stated that they took their Ford F-150 to the car wash to be washed and detailed. They have reported that the staff were friendly and informative. They bought the Gold package which included various services such as wash, wipe down, towel dry, wheel clean, and tire shine. They did not express any particular positive or negative opinions about their experience.
One customer was particularly impressed with the two employees, Austin and Dakota, who detailed their truck. They were said to have done an amazing job, exceeding the customer’s expectations. The inside of the truck was said to have been very clean and not a single spot was missed. The customer stated that they would definitely be returning for future washes.Some customers have reported that the car wash used to be good, but it seems like recently there has been a lack of staff. The wash express has also been criticized for not working, as well as the vacuum not being functional. Despite this, customers have reported that they are not allowed to use the car wash’s vacuum unless they pay for the full service.


Great prices, fast service and beautiful wash.

This use to be a good car wash bit seems as of lately they are always been short in staff. The wash express is a joke, the vacuum doesn’t work but yet they refuse to allow to vacuum theirs unless I pay for the full service

They are amazing to work with and treats you with respect. They recommends and provides services to you as if it were their vehicle. I won’t go anywhere else for ceramic coating and detailing. they knows what they are doing and will take great care of you and your vehicle!

I took my Ford F-150 here to get it washed and detailed. The staff were very friendly and informative. I bought the Gold package which included wash, wipe down, towel dry, wheel clean and tire shine.

Austin and Dakota were 2 guys that detailed my truck and let me tell you they did an amazing job. Better than I expected. The inside was very cleaned and they did not miss a single spot. I will definetly be back for futures washes. Thanks guys!


Q: What do people think of the car wash?

A: Some people think it is good, while others think it is not.

Q: Are the staff friendly?

A: Some people think the staff are friendly and informative, while others think they are not.

Q: What do people think of the services offered by the car wash?

A: Some people think the services are amazing and recommend them, while others think they are not worth the money.

Q: Do people have any complaints about the car wash?

A: Some people have complained about the staff being short-staffed, the wash express not working, and the vacuum not working.

Q: Would people recommend the car wash to others?

A: Some people would recommend the car wash, while others would not.