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Beto’s Auto Repair

October 15, 2022

ONE STOP AUTO SHOP in Santa Fe, Nuevo México, EE. UU.

Financing and Internal Financing
They offer “in-house” financing to qualified buyers. Call now for more details.


Lee Black: The only shop to fix problems others couldn’t or wouldn’t. Took my Suburban two two highly advertised dealerships and was charged an arm and a leg. Neither shop solved the problem. Went to Beto’s in Santa Fe and they fixed the problem others couldn’t. Great guys!

Ralph Bartlett: Hell of a mechanic. The paint and body work is even better going back for my third time.

Elizardo Gamboa: Took my truck to them and they took 2 months to fix it. I would call him and they kept telling me they where gonna bring it in the next day a couple of times. Then after the two months of waiting they called me saying they ordered the wrong parts and that i needed to wait for the right ones. After installing those i got my truck back and noticed they broke my stereo cover, shift knob, Bluetooth transmitter, and the clips of the center console side. I contacted him and told him about it and they said they never even touched any of that. However they had to remove the dash to fix the issue, so they had to remove it all to get to it. This is one of the worse places i have ever been and would never recommend it to anyone.