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Al Fatiha Institute/ Threads & Scents

July 6, 2023

At the heart of Villa Park is the Al Fatiha Institute/ Threads & Scents. This unique establishment offers high-quality thobes and 100% natural itr. A hidden gem, this place is a delight for anyone looking for authenticity and quality.

The owner, Shaykh Yaseen, is a master of perfumery, ready to show you the intricate process of making natural itr. Each scent is exotic and captivating, reflecting the sheer effort put into the creation. The experience is as enjoyable as the products themselves, making a visit truly worthwhile. The accessible facilities make the experience even more inclusive, catering to everyone. This place isn’t just a store; it’s a destination for culture and quality.


  1. Sales of High-quality Thobes
  2. 100% Natural Itr (Perfumes)
  3. Accessible Facilities
  4. Custom-made Scents
  5. Educational Demonstrations

Location and Hours:

Located at 226 Roosevelt Rd, Villa Park, IL 60181, USA, Al Fatiha Institute/ Threads & Scents operates Wednesday through Friday and on Saturday from 09:00 to 17:00. The institute remains closed from Sunday to Tuesday.

Contact Information:

  • +12602558131


  • “Absolutely in love with the thobes and the itr. The quality is unparalleled. Truly a gem in Villa Park.”
  • “The service was fantastic. I learned so much about the process of making itr. It’s truly fascinating and the scents are simply amazing.”
  • “The natural itr scents are a delight. Shaykh Yaseen’s knowledge and passion shine through in his work.”
  • “I had a good experience, but I wish they were open more days of the week. The products are definitely worth a visit.”
  • “Interesting place. The scents are definitely unique. The experience is rather different but worthwhile.”


  • Q: Are they open on Sundays? A: No, they are closed on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.
  • Q: Do they offer wheelchair accessibility? A: Yes, they offer full accessibility including rest areas, entrance, parking, and restrooms.
  • Q: Can I learn about the process of making itr? A: Yes, Shaykh Yaseen is more than happy to explain the process.