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Assembly Baptist Church

July 6, 2023

Experience the warm embrace of faith at Assembly Baptist Church. Nestled in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, this spiritual hub exudes a welcoming atmosphere that radiates the love of Jesus Christ. Be part of a spirited choir, feel welcomed as you step in, and leave judgment at the door. The inspiring Pastor Manning enlightens the congregation with powerful sermons, often reminiscing about family values and moral lessons. With wheelchair accessibility and dedicated parking, this church ensures that everyone can partake in worship.

Contrary to popular belief, the collection plate is only passed twice, honoring the principle of free will in offerings. Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with the friendly congregation and the delightful Pastor and First Lady Manning post-service. If you seek a Bible teaching church that thrives on love, freedom, and faith, Assembly Baptist Church is a worthy choice.


Wheelchair Accessible EntryYes
Wheelchair Accessible ParkingYes
Spiritual SermonsYes
Spirited ChoirYes
Access to Pastor and First LadyYes

Address and Hours:

Assembly Baptist Church is located at 4015 E 141st St, Cleveland, OH 44128, Estados Unidos. For more information about the church and its services, feel free to call at +12169210096.


  1. “Great place for worship. Felt enveloped by the love of Jesus Christ.”
  2. “The choir performance was spiritually uplifting, and the sermon insightful.”
  3. “A warm and welcoming congregation. Pastor and First Lady Manning are approachable and kind.”
  4. “The church’s accessibility for the disabled is commendable, but could use more signage.”
  5. “I found the sermons to be enriching, although the collection plate being passed twice felt a bit unusual.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: Is the church wheelchair accessible?
  2. A: Yes, the church has a wheelchair accessible entry and parking.
  3. Q: How often is the collection plate passed?
  4. A: The collection plate is passed twice during services.
  5. Q: Can I interact with the Pastor after service?
  6. A: Yes, both Pastor and First Lady Manning warmly greet the congregation after the service.