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Saint James-Santee Parish Episcopal Church / The Brick Church at Wambaw

June 3, 2023

Situated in the picturesque McClellanville, SC 29458, the Saint James-Santee Parish Episcopal Church / The Brick Church at Wambaw is a testament to the timeless beauty and enduring legacy of historical architecture. From the very first moment of setting foot on the property, one is captivated by the church’s charm and rich historical significance.

George Washington, the very symbol of American leadership, graced this location during his lifetime, adding an exceptional historical layer to this church. Furthermore, the fact that the church is still in remarkable condition, despite its centuries-old existence, showcases the careful preservation and maintenance efforts that have gone into preserving this architectural gem.

Notable for its wheelchair accessibility, the church features a convenient entrance and designated parking area that are fully equipped for wheelchair access, underlining its commitment to inclusiveness and its respect for every visitor’s needs.

A leisurely stroll through the church’s tranquil graveyard reveals fascinating headstones, each narrating a unique tale of the church’s historical occupants.

The church, tucked away down a dirt road and marked by a humble roadside sign, comes highly recommended as a stop on your way to Hampton Plantation. If you have an eye for history or an appreciation for architectural beauty, the Saint James-Santee Parish Episcopal Church / The Brick Church at Wambaw promises an unforgettable visit.

Services Table:

Historical ToursExplore the rich history of the church
Wheelchair Accessible EntranceConvenient access for all visitors
Wheelchair Accessible ParkingAmple parking space accommodating all needs
Graveyard WalksUnique chance to read historical headstones

Operating Hours:

While official operating hours for the church are not explicitly stated, its serene grounds and outdoor areas can be accessed and appreciated during daylight hours. It’s recommended to check with the local authorities for any restrictions or limitations in place.

Contact Information:

  • Address: McClellanville, SC 29458, United States

User Reviews:

  • “Stumbled upon this church and found it to be truly fascinating. A must-visit place if you’re into history and architecture.”
  • “Remarkable preservation efforts! Despite its age, the church is in perfect condition. Its wheelchair accessibility is a thoughtful touch.”
  • “What a lovely stop on our way to Hampton Plantation. The church grounds are beautifully maintained. Highly recommend it.”
  • “A pleasant visit, but found it a bit off the beaten path. Make sure you plan your route carefully.”
  • “Interesting history, but could benefit from better signage to advertise the place.”


  • Q: Is there wheelchair access at the church?
  • A: Yes, the church is wheelchair-accessible, with both an entrance and parking accommodating wheelchair access.
  • Q: Can I visit the church on my way to Hampton Plantation?
  • A: Absolutely, the church is often recommended as a worthwhile stop on the way to Hampton Plantation.
  • Q: Is there any significance to the headstones in the church’s graveyard?
  • A: Yes, the headstones are historical and offer an interesting glimpse into the past.
  • Q: Did George Washington visit this church?
  • A: Yes, historical