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December 26, 2022

412HOODS LLC is a company that specializes in kitchen exhaust hood cleaning and pizza oven cleaning and repair. They offer a wide range of services to ensure that your business is in compliance with the Pennsylvania NFPA 96 fire code and is safe from grease fires. In addition to cleaning services for kitchen cooking equipment such as fryers, flat top grills, and ovens, they also offer whole kitchen cleaning and installation of kitchen exhaust systems, fans, ductwork, and hoods. They strive to resolve any issues and ensure that your business is always running smoothly. Choose a company that cares about your safety and satisfaction.


14125101270 is a location located at 133 Claus Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15227 in the United States. It is unclear what type of business or organization is located at this address. Without more information, it is difficult to provide a description of the location.

Based on the reviews provided, it seems that 412HOODS LLC is a company that provides cleaning and maintenance services for commercial kitchen equipment, including fryers, grills, and ovens. The company is owned by Josh, who is described as friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and thorough in his work.

Many reviewers are satisfied with the services provided by 412HOODS LLC and appreciate Josh’s attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. Some reviewers have reported issues with scheduling and punctuality, but others have had positive experiences with timely service. Overall, 412HOODS LLC appears to be a reliable and trustworthy company for commercial kitchen cleaning and maintenance services.


Damn kitchen was horrible my boy Josh came in took the machines outside since I didn’t have a drain in the kitchen floor is currently outside power washing the living hell out of these fryers and grill … friendly great talks and pretty genuine definitely recommend and will 100% use him for more jobs and to clean again💯💯💯🙏🏼🙏🏼

I schedule my hood cleaning today. 8/9 Josh said be about 11-11:30 so I waited from 10:30-12:30. With no show not even a phone called. Trying to call him back but no answer ! Just WoW

Scheduled a hood cleaning 3 weeks out. The week leading up to the cleaning tried calling and texting over a dozen times. The day of, no call no show. I’m assuming he is no longer in business.

Extremely satisfied with our choice to go with 412Hoods for our commercial kitchen cleaning needs. Josh was friendly and amicable when we asked him to spot clean some equipment outside of hood. He even did the inside of the oven without asking! He worked diligently and did a thorough job of degreasing literally every nook and cranny. The stainless throughout was left shining! Definitely will be a return customer. Thank you!

I called Josh the owner on Wednesday to get my hoods cleaned. He was available to clean my hoods cleaned the very next day! He was very knowledgeable about everything hoods and fire protection. The hoods looked brand new after he finished.

This guy is awesome!!! I can’t believe how clean my hood is! It looks new and not to mention the outside he went above and beyond to clean up all the grease!! I would recommend 100% thank you and will continue using you

I’m Chris manager at Texas Roadhouse. Josh and his crew did a fantastic job. Very professional, fast, and clean. The hoods, duct, and fan never looked so clean.

Thanks again for cleaning the ovens, the boss was very impressed! We will be using your services again! Very personable workers and scheduled very quickly for cleaning!

Josh did a fantastic job on are hoods and the clean up after usually the next day you see dry chemical Strick’s leftover or greese splatter on the walls he left nothing look brand new definitely has future business with us thanks again

Without more information about the specific services offered by 412HOODS LLC, it is not possible to provide a table of services. However, here is a general list of potential services that a company like 412HOODS LLC might offer:

  • Kitchen exhaust hood cleaning and maintenance
  • Pizza oven cleaning and repair
  • Fryer cleaning and maintenance
  • Flat top grill cleaning and maintenance
  • Oven cleaning and maintenance
  • Baking oven cleaning and maintenance
  • Double convection oven cleaning and maintenance
  • Whole kitchen cleaning
  • Installation of kitchen exhaust systems, fans, ductwork, and hoods
  • Repair and maintenance of kitchen cooking equipment

It is important to note that the specific services offered by 412HOODS LLC may vary, and it is best to contact the company directly to inquire about the services they provide.

Here are some potential frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers for a company like 412HOODS LLC:

Q: What services does 412HOODS LLC offer?

A: 412HOODS LLC offers kitchen exhaust hood cleaning, pizza oven cleaning and repair, and a range of other cleaning and maintenance services for commercial kitchen equipment, including fryers, flat top grills, ovens, and more. They also offer installation of kitchen exhaust systems, fans, ductwork, and hoods.

Q: Is 412HOODS LLC licensed and insured?

A: It is not specified in the information provided whether 412HOODS LLC is licensed and insured. It is always a good idea to ask a company about their credentials and insurance coverage before hiring them for services.

Q: How do I schedule services with 412HOODS LLC?

A: It is not mentioned how to schedule services with 412HOODS LLC. It is best to reach out to the company directly to inquire about scheduling options.

Q: What is the process for cleaning kitchen exhaust hoods with 412HOODS LLC?

A: Without specific information about the process used by 412HOODS LLC, it is difficult to provide a detailed answer. In general, kitchen exhaust hood cleaning involves thoroughly cleaning and degreasing the interior and exterior of the hood, as well as the ductwork and fan. The process may also include inspecting and repairing any damaged or malfunctioning equipment.

Q: How much does it cost to hire 412HOODS LLC for kitchen exhaust hood cleaning?

A: The cost of hiring 412HOODS LLC for kitchen exhaust hood cleaning is not mentioned. It is best to contact the company directly to get a quote for their services.