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Casa Linda cleaning service

October 15, 2022

Specializing in home and commercial cleaning services in Melbourne. Provide a variety of professional cleaning solutions to meet cleaning needs. All done by professionals using quality equipment. With a team of professional All Care cleaners, they not only provide a complete cleaning service in Melbourne, but also ensure complete peace of mind. Professional cleaners do the job at a high level.


Casa Linda Cleaning Services provides commercial and residential cleaning services in the Triangle. Clean and efficient work is a top priority for our customers. Fully insured and licensed.

Deep cleaning of the kitchen or bathroom sink is done to preserve that beautiful shine. Using eco-friendly products, all dirt and grime is gently removed without scratching the surface.Exterior of appliances and cabinet fronts are cleaned.


“We are just here to keep your house clean and client happy and calm”

My house has not been this clean in months! These ladies actually made my house shine. I’m excited for them to come back in two weeks!

Great job from the Casa Linda cleaning team! I had them over to do a deep cleaning. They cleaned the place up from floor to ceiling. I’m very happy with their work, and can recommend them highly.

Our home has never been as clean as it is now since we moved in 3 years ago! Mirna and her crew arrived on time and went right to work. Nothing was missed including the pet hair on upholstered furniture, baseboards, and gas range top! Definitely recommend this service wholeheartedly!!


What is the goal of the job? The mission is to help people in their daily lives so they can enjoy more of their day without having to worry about cleaning.

What kind of clients do you work with? All kinds of clients; small families, single apartments, large families. Customers are all different, but each provides the same quality.

What is the price of this service? We give you great prices for great work!