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Houston Granite Remnants

November 4, 2022


Houston Granite Remnants was established in 2017 to minimize waste in the manufacture of natural and engineered stone products, saving customers significant money. They currently store more than 5,000 stones of various sizes in warehouses at both locations, and also store hundreds of complete slabs. They responsibly source edge slate products and sort them by material, color, quality and thickness for customers to purchase.

Their purpose is to save time and money for stone manufacturers, interior designers, home builders, remodelers, carpenters, contractors and homeowners. They are the only company of its kind in the Houston area that specializes in wholesale offcuts without the need to buy a whole board.

Granite is one of the most important improvements a potential buyer makes when purchasing a new home. Unfortunately, granite is also expensive. Even for a small job like a bathroom vanity, I had to buy the whole board from Granite Yard and wasted 80% of the material.

That’s what created the Houston Granite Ruins. To save homeowners and manufacturers money, sell them only the parts they need instead of entire panels.

Choose your material

The first step is to visit your camp location. They have thousands of items in stock. They will help you choose the material in the desired shape, color and size.


If you already have a manufacturer that can cut the material, great! Once the product is paid for, they can pick it up through your warehouse and bring it back to your store. If you don’t have a manufacturer, they can put you in touch with the manufacturer.


Once the manufacturer has cut the material, it is ready for installation.

If you have any questions about your project, please feel free to call them and they will help you find the best slate scrap for your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit their facility or call 281-580-1680.


Monday – Friday
8AM – 5PM

12PM – 4PM



Fall in love with our quartz countertops! Your wonderful staff were very helpful and very helpful to my husband and I. Plenty of choices and great prices! They even gave us the contact details of a great manufacturer!

Very happy with my quartz countertops! Working with Kenyon and Mario has been a great experience, and the price is within our budget. Thanks to HGR for making me fall in love with my cooking again! I look forward to working with you on future projects!