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Physical Medicine Rehab Clinics-Jaipal Sidhu MD

June 23, 2023

In the heart of Fresno, the Physical Medicine Rehab Clinics-Jaipal Sidhu MD provides innovative pain relief therapy for its patients. Specializing in pain management, Dr. Sidhu offers a humanitarian approach and employs cutting-edge technology in his treatments. The clinic provides a warm, welcoming environment and its caring staff adds a personal touch to every visit. Patients highlight the friendly service, effective procedures, and Dr. Sidhu’s detailed care. However, some have found issues with the billing department, suggesting improvements could be made.


  • Pain relief therapy
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Personalized care
  • Detailed follow-up consultation

Hours and Location

The clinic is located at 7125 N Chestnut Ave #103, Fresno, CA 93720, United States. Open Monday to Friday, with patient hours from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, except for Fridays when it closes an hour earlier at 3:00 PM. The clinic is closed on weekends.

Contact Information

  • the clinic at +15597654868 to book appointments or for any inquiries.


  • “My experience with Dr. Sidhu has always been the best. He’s an amazing doctor and his staff is very kind.” –
  • “The receptionist and other staff are great and professional. However, I’ve had issues with the billing department.” –
  • “Dr. Sidhu is very efficient and detailed. Unfortunately, I had to stop visiting him because he no longer accepts my insurance.” –
  • “Dr. Sidhu’s pain therapy really improved my quality of life. But, I had some problems getting a refund.” –
  • “The clinic is warm and welcoming. Though, it would be helpful if they had a more efficient billing process.” –

Questions and Answers

Q: Does Dr. Sidhu accept health insurance?

  • A: Some patients have mentioned that Dr. Sidhu has stopped accepting certain health insurances. We recommend checking directly with the clinic.

Q: Does the clinic have parking facilities?

  • A: The provided information does not specify about parking. We recommend calling the clinic to get this information.

Q: How is the billing process at the clinic?

  • A: Some patients have mentioned that they’ve had issues with the billing process. It’s advisable to check all charges and keep payment receipts.