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Anthem at Merrill Ranch Community Events – Florence, AZ

October 9, 2023

Anthem at Merrill Ranch Community Events in Florence, AZ, is your go-to destination for unforgettable experiences. This charming event organizer boasts a solid 5.0 rating based on 7 reviews, and it’s no wonder why.

Services Offered:

  • Event Organization
  • Accessibility: Wheelchair-friendly entrance and parking

Location and Hours:

  • You’ll find Anthem at Merrill Ranch Community Events in Florence, AZ 85132, United States. They are open for business, ready to make your events extraordinary.

Contact Information:

For inquiries and bookings, reach out to them at +15207236631. Their customer service is top-notch, responsive, and booking is a breeze.


AndrĂ©s: “I can’t say enough positive things about their transportation service. The customer service, responsiveness, and ease of booking are next level, and the owner-operator is top-notch. I’ll definitely be using them from Phoenix to Anthem in the future, and I encourage you to do the same without hesitation.”

“I went to the Christmas bazaar; it was fun.”

“Accessibility: Wheelchair-friendly entrance and parking.”


Q: Is there ample parking available?

A: Yes, there is accessible parking for wheelchair users.

Q: Are their services suitable for special events?

A: Absolutely! Anthem at Merrill Ranch Community Events excels in event organization and will make your special occasions shine.

Q: How can I contact them for reservations?

A: Simply call +15207236631, and their exceptional customer service will assist you promptly