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New Beginnings Tree Service

November 23, 2022

A full-service tree company founded by professionals of 15+ years. Octavio started the company because he felt that many tree companies would not try to save a tree if they could.

Trees are an important part of our environment. They create the air we breathe. That’s why our philosophy is to process first, then trim, then cut.

Their metrics

  • 483: happy customer
    Not all of our customers have written reviews. They serve many families.
  • 350: tree preservation We don’t just cut down trees. They also save trees. It’s cheaper and better for the country.
  • 237: plant trees They also have clients asking us to plant new trees for future generations.

Moust Popular Services

Tree Removal

Safely remove a dangerous tree before the next big storm hits. They are certified arborists who offer expert solutions to tree problems and removal of dangerous trees. You take care of WI & IL.

Trimming & Pruning

Make your tree healthier by removing some branches.
They are certified arborists and offer tree care and pruning services. These services can improve the health of the tree. You take care of WI & IL. Branches falling from tall trees can damage your property.
They have trucks and training that allow us to prune and remove unwanted branches with ease. You can trim and trim a tree in a matter of days.


  • I was extremely satisfied with every aspect of this service. I highly recommend it!
  • Reasonable prices, professional work and very clean and neat