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Synergy Fitness NY

September 29, 2022

Fifteen years ago, Synergy Fitness of Baldwin opened its doors with a single vision: that fitness is a lifestyle. They believe that healthy minds and bodies will dramatically change lives.

With their help, people can achieve results in a short time. Synergy doesn’t just sell memberships and leave people to work on their own; they provide guidance and advice to help them succeed. Baldwin’s state-of-the-art fitness club has the best Long Island fitness center formula provided by the gym.

This has been confirmed through many votes. Our job as fitness and health experts is to teach people how to stay fit for life. This is our biggest responsibility. We provide modern methods that are at the forefront of future fitness trends.

Our staff is comprised of nationally certified lifestyle coaches who attend mandatory continuing education classes in their fields of nutrition, diet, safety, yoga, boxing and mixed martial arts.

Synergy Fitness is one of the best escape routes in life. It allows people to workout or relax as much as they want in a clean and comfortable environment. Synergy Fitness offers state-of-the-art equipment, child care, private lockers and certified personal trainers. They have a fitness solution for each of their clients that suits their needs individually.