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Health e Hair and Skin Care LLC

July 6, 2023

Delve into the world of luxury and self-care at the remarkable Health e Hair and Skin Care Salon LLC. Providing top-tier hair treatment services, this salon is a haven for those yearning for a holistic approach to their grooming routines. Its unique selling point lies in its commitment to accessibility, making it an attractive destination for everyone, regardless of their mobility.


  • The salon offers a multitude of services with an aim to satisfy all customers. Besides the usual hair treatments, the salon also provides unisex restroom facilities and a safe space for transgender individuals, reaffirming its commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Timing and Address

  • Situated at 923 SW Fairlawn Rd Ste 151, Topeka, KS 66606, the salon is open on weekdays from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM, with shorter hours on Saturdays and closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Contact Information

  • To schedule an appointment, call on +17852217223. New customers are always welcomed.

Customer Reviews

  • “The salon has worked wonders for my previously dry and brittle hair. I can’t recommend it enough!”
  • “An excellent variety of products and services, coupled with a professional atmosphere. Highly satisfied!”
  • “Now also offering body waxing and Flori Roberts Cosmetics. The comprehensive care is truly impressive!”
  • “While the staff was generally nice, the overall ambiance of the place could use some improvement.”
  • “The venue is quite hidden, making it slightly inconvenient to locate.”


  1. Q: Do I need an appointment to visit? A: Yes, scheduling an appointment is highly recommended.
  2. Q: Is the salon wheelchair-accessible? A: Absolutely, the salon is designed to cater to all individuals, including those with mobility challenges.
  3. Q: Do they offer any cosmetics? A: Yes, they offer Flori Roberts Cosmetics, apart from a range of hair and skin care services.