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October 15, 2022

A team of lawyers is clearly prepared for different matters, handling each case with rigour, guaranteeing the professionalism and experience of our services. Legal and legal assistance from specialists in specific professions.


Advice on issues related to your consumption: mobile phone, fixed network, ADSL, travel, insurance claims. Purchase, Return, Warranty. or related topics.

Advice on employment law issues such as short-term work or sick leave. Assistance in other areas such as termination and termination, contracts, workplace harassment or retirement.

Advising on tax issues such as income tax returns, deductions and exemptions, taxes, and local, state and provincial taxes


We went to this lawyer about employment issues. I only have good things to say. He let us study it for 48 hours and told us there was a case. To say the treatment was exquisite would be an understatement, he let us know what he was doing and was on call. He never left a call unanswered. In the end we won the case against the government, although other lawyers and unions dropped the case.

Without a doubt, great professionals. Wonderful and rigorous treatment. Very competent and very decisive. He was involved in the case, he cared, and most importantly, they kept you informed. No doubt I will hire them again.

Personally, they get a professional case from us, and their defense and labor sector legal advice is delivered with a rare level of commitment and professionalism. Without a doubt, he is one of the best lawyers in the area.