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M J Medical

September 30, 2022

MJ Medical is a leading healthcare planning and designing company. They have worked on about 300 facilities in over 75 countries; their work has been involved with approximately $100 billion worth of capital. Their work includes some of the most top-ranked tertiary hospitals in the world and rural health centers in remote places.

Their extensive global experience and varied culture allows them to provide services that consider local economic and cultural conditions. They acquire knowledge from their research and development program, which they use to create healthcare buildings that can adapt to future medical advancements, changing medical best practices and the needs of the communities they serve.

They understand the motivations and priorities of different stakeholders in the development of a healthcare facility, from financiers to operators, contractors to clinicians and patients. Her expertise lies in working with these stakeholders to arrive at solutions that support clinical excellence, provide value for money and are adaptable enough to respond to changing needs and usage.