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kerman carnita

January 25, 2023

Kerman Carnita is a meat store located at 14980 W Whitesbridge Ave, Kerman, CA 93630, United States. The customer has had positive experiences with the store’s fresh, lean meat for years and highly recommends it. However, the customer also warns about the store’s unsanitary conditions, including rotting food piles, larvae eggs, bugs, and cockroaches. The customer also mentions that the store has recently undergone changes in management and cooking staff, and that the food is now back to its original high quality. Overall, the customer’s review is mixed, with a strong recommendation for the meat but a warning about the store’s cleanliness.


Fat burritos meat was moist lots of flavor

Not selling food the one time ive gone was confusing

I really enjoyed the food. The carnitas mixed just blew me away. It ain’t easy finding really good food like this, I highly recommend you drop by and try it. If your ever in the town of Kerman 👌👌👌

Tried to support a local business today ended paying $27 for two burritos and two drinks. How does that add up? The two people working there were not friendly unless you were Mexican and I feel like I was super over charged and probably won’t be back also the burritos weren’t that great I’ve had better.

I would have given them 4 stars but being served my food in styrofoam plates and using plastic utensils just chaps my hide.


  • Thursday: 7:00am to 9:00pm
  • Friday: 7:00am to 9:00pm
  • Saturday: 7:00am to 9:00pm
  • Sunday: 7:00am to 9:00pm
  • Monday: 7:00am to 9:00pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00am to 9:00pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00am to 9:00pm

Contact information

  • 14980 W Whitesbridge Ave, Kerman, CA 93630, Estados Unidos
  • +15598463939