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San Marcos Mexican Restaurant

January 25, 2023

San Marcos Mexican Restaurant is a place that offers a relaxing and elegant atmosphere, as well as authentic Mexican food. The restaurant’s hand-crafted margaritas and cocktails from the bar are a specialty. The menu features a variety of options, including street tacos and authentic Mexican dishes such as Carne en su Jugo. However, reviews of the restaurant are mixed. Some customers have praised the food and atmosphere, while others have found the food to be mediocre, cold, and bland. Additionally, some customers have also criticized the high prices and small portions of some dishes. Overall, opinions of San Marcos Mexican Restaurant vary.

Characteristics of San Marcos Mexican Restaurant include:

  • Mediocre food: Some customers have complained about the quality of the food, describing it as cold and bland, and not worth the price.
  • Small portions: Some diners have criticized the restaurant for not providing enough food in the dishes, specifically with not enough meat in the fajita plate.
  • High prices: Some customers have said that the prices of the dishes are too high for the quality and quantity of food provided.
  • Inadequate vegetables: Some diners have said that the vegetables were not cooked properly and were hardly edible.
  • Great service: The restaurant has received praise for having efficient and friendly service.
  • Mixed reviews: Overall, customer reviews of San Marcos Mexican Restaurant are mixed, with some people enjoying their experience and others not.

Contact information

  • 3111 Waltham Blvd, Burlington, NC 27215, Estados Unidos
  • +13365382708