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Sammy Muffler Shop

July 4, 2023

Nestled at 7400 Rampart St, Houston, TX 77081 you’ll find Sammy Muffler Shop, your one-stop-shop for all things auto repair. This reputable establishment offers a multitude of mechanical services including top-notch muffler repairs and routine oil changes. The unique addition of home delivery service truly sets this shop apart from its competitors. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is apparent, providing swift, fairly priced, and efficient service.

Services Offered:

  • Home Delivery
  • Special Offers
  • Oil Changes
  • Mechanical Workshop
  • Muffler Shop
  • Open from 08:00-18:00, Wednesday through Saturday, and closed on Sundays, their convenient hours allow customers plenty of opportunities to avail of their superior services. To inquire or book an appointment, reach out at +17132710404.


  • “Exceptional service! Quick, fairly priced, and efficient. I had a great vehicle repair experience. Sammy Muffler is now my go-to choice.”
  • “Top-notch attention, precise work. The team at this shop does an impressive job, highly recommended.”
  • “Fantastic treatment from experienced and honest people. I recommend this place wholeheartedly.”


  1. “This is the place where you can trust to leave your car. You’ll know it’s in good hands.”
  2. “Unfortunately, my catalytic converter got stolen in my apartment parking lot. Luckily, Sammy Muffler Shop helped me out and I am pleased with the service and price.”

Questions and Answers:

Q: Do they offer home delivery services?

A: Yes, Sammy Muffler Shop provides home delivery services for added customer convenience.

Q: What are their operating hours?

A: They are open from 08:00-18:00, Wednesday through Saturday, and closed on Sundays.

Q: What workshop services do they provide?

A: They offer a wide array of workshop services including oil changes and muffler repairs