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colors immigration services inc.

June 23, 2023

Located in the heart of Caledon, Colors Immigration Services Inc. is the beacon of hope for many seeking professional immigration services. This establishment is recognized for its outstanding expertise and unmatched assistance in handling all forms of immigration procedures.

With their comprehensive services, including visitor visas and super visas, they transform complex immigration processes into effortless experiences. The secret behind their remarkable success is none other than Mrs. Rajwant Kaur Randawa, whose professionalism and in-depth knowledge in the field have been lauded by numerous satisfied clients.


  • Comprehensive Immigration Procedures
  • Visitor Visa Applications
  • Super Visa Applications
  • Professional Consultations

Operating Hours and Location:

  • Open from Monday to Friday, 09:00–17:00, Colors Immigration Services Inc. is conveniently located at 3 Blackberry Valley Cres, Caledon, ON L7C 2C7, Canada. Please note, they are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Contact Information:

  • You can reach out to Colors Immigration Services Inc. at +14167680525 for any inquiries.


“I cannot express in words the exceptional service I received. Their method of handling file arrangements is simply great! I highly recommend Colors Immigration Services.”

“Superb professionalism displayed by Mrs. Rajwant Kaur Randawa. Addressed all my doubts with friendly and professional communication. Absolutely recommended!”

“Most reliable and trusted service. My consultation with Mrs. Randhawa has paved the way for a better future for me.”

“The service was good, but the process was a bit lengthy than expected. However, the outcome was satisfactory.”

“A neutral experience, overall. They were dedicated, but there could be room for improvement in the communication process.”


Q: Is Colors Immigration Services Inc. open during the weekends?

  • A: No, Colors Immigration Services Inc. is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Q: How experienced is Mrs. Rajwant Kaur Randawa in immigration services?

  • A: Mrs. Rajwant Kaur Randawa is highly skilled and professional, with years of experience in providing exceptional immigration services.

Q: How reliable is Colors Immigration Services Inc.?

  • A: Based on various positive reviews, Colors Immigration Services Inc. is deemed as one of the most reliable and trusted immigration service providers in the area.