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Barstow Park

June 23, 2023

Experience the serenity and thrill of outdoor recreation at Barstow Park in Vermillion, SD. This wheelchair-accessible venue ensures everyone can enjoy its inviting atmosphere. The park is a vibrant hub with swing sets and slides that offer endless fun for children. Moreover, its dog-friendly policy makes it an ideal destination for pet owners.

Comfort isn’t overlooked either; you’ll find public restrooms and picnic tables conveniently available for visitors. Unfortunately, there are no official pickleball courts, but the resourceful community makes do with available tennis courts. Overall, Barstow Park is an immaculate location with a friendly ambience, sure to leave a lasting impression.


  1. Wheelchair accessible entrance and parking
  2. Swing sets and slides for children
  3. Picnic tables for outdoor meals
  4. Public restrooms for visitor convenience
  5. Dog-friendly environment

Hours and Address:

  • Barstow Park is open 24/7, welcoming visitors anytime at Vermillion, SD 57069, United States.

Contact Information:

  • For more details, feel free to call at +16056777064.

User Reviews:

  • “Incredible park! I was blown away by how clean and family-friendly it is. Definitely returning!”
  • “Loved the wheelchair accessibility and welcoming atmosphere. Perfect for an afternoon outing.”
  • “Our dog had a blast! Not many places are so inclusive for pets. Kudos to Barstow Park.”
  • “An enjoyable park, but it’s high time they added pickleball courts. I hope they consider it soon.”
  • “A decent park, but nothing extraordinary. The community is quite friendly though, which adds a nice touch.”


  • Q: “Are there any pickleball courts at Barstow Park?”
  • A: “No, there aren’t any official pickleball courts at the park currently. However, the community often uses the tennis courts for pickleball games.”
  • Q: “Is Barstow Park open throughout the week?”
  • A: “Yes, the park is open 24/7, welcoming visitors any day of the week.”
  • Q: “Are dogs allowed at the park?”
  • A: “Absolutely! Barstow Park is a dog-friendly location, so feel free to bring your furry friend along.”