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B. Pitt Fitness/Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

July 6, 2023

At B. Pitt Fitness/Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching, you will discover a unique approach to fitness that emphasizes personal empowerment and holistic well-being. Located in Orange, TX, this outstanding facility provides services that cater to every fitness level, enabling anyone to progress on their health and wellness journey. With an impressive range of offerings from online classes to personalized nutrition coaching, this place is designed to cater to the modern fitness enthusiast.

  • Services Offered:
  • Online Classes: Convenient, flexible, and expert-led sessions at your fingertips.
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: Ensuring everyone can benefit, the facility is wheelchair accessible, featuring both parking and restroom facilities.
  • Personalized Services: Bespoke training and nutrition plans tailored to individual needs and goals.

Location and Opening Hours:

B. Pitt Fitness is located at 9160 Cortim Cir, Orange, TX 77630, United States. You can visit Monday to Thursday between 9:00 AM and 10:00 PM, Fridays between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, and on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The facility is closed on Sundays.

Customer Reviews:

  • “This is not just a fitness center; it’s a transformative experience! Brittany’s approach to fitness and nutrition is supportive and personalized. She makes the journey enjoyable and rewarding.” –
  • “I’ve only been here for a couple of months, but I’ve already seen great improvements. Brittany is understanding and patient, making this place a haven for fitness.” –
  • “One of the best decisions I’ve made for my health. Brittany’s expertise and kindness make the whole process feel like a breeze. Highly recommended.” –
  • “The place is well-maintained and the online classes are a boon for busy individuals. However, more variety in the class types could make it even better.” –
  • “Good fitness center with supportive trainers. The wheelchair accessibility is a plus. Would love to see more group training options.” –


  1. Q: Are the classes suitable for beginners? A: Absolutely, all fitness levels are catered to. Workouts can be modified to suit individual fitness levels.
  2. Q: What kind of nutrition coaching is offered? A: Personalized coaching is offered to align with your fitness goals and dietary preferences.
  3. Q: Is the facility wheelchair accessible? A: Yes, B. Pitt Fitness provides wheelchair accessible parking and restroom facilities.
  4. Q: What are the opening hours? A: They are open Monday to Thursday 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, and Saturday 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Closed on Sundays.
  5. Q: Can I get a personalized training plan? A: Yes, individualized training plans are offered to meet your specific needs and goals.