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Luxury mobile pet grooming

November 25, 2022

Why Choose?

They come to your house to take care of your fur babies without you having to interrupt your busy schedule. All of their ladies have undergone rigorous practical training. All are certified, insured and bonded in CPR and First Aid. All passed background checks, including state and federal checks. All had their driving records checked and had valid driver’s licenses.

Everyone is trained in proper sitting posture and driving techniques. Each lady is hand selected for their experience, skills and passion for fur babies. They take care of all kinds of furry friends from puppies to the elderly. They’re ready to do anything your furry baby needs.

From staying home during the day caring for an older furkid who is blind, to administering insulin to a furkid who has just been diagnosed with diabetes.They know their service is personal and want you to be satisfied. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to ask questions, they’re here for you to make your life easier.


All of their current offerings are listed below. As always, please feel free to reach out to them if you have any further questions. A little info about them, all their attendants are mobile so come with us, we stop in front of their house when they are ready.

The only thing that’s a little bit different now is their trading process because they now have to abide by the 6 foot rule. If you have a kennel, you can put your fur baby in the kennel on the front steps and he can go pick him up, or you can send a front door as long as everyone is covered. Everything else is standard procedure, they always wear gloves and masks in the van, and they always sanitize between orderlies.

Each of her friends includes the following: ear cleaning, teeth brushing, nails trimmed and filed, blueberry facial, double bath (sounds like it, the first breaks down dandruff and allergens on the skin, the second Letting your shampoos do what they should do), grooming, blow drying, any haircut or hair loss treatment, hygiene trims and mat trims, scissor tidying, leave in conditioner, we also have tissues and bow ties To check prices, send them a text message with your baby’s breed and weight, and to check availability, all they need is your address.


  • Saturday 7:00–19:00
  • Sunday 7:00–19:00
  • Monday 7:00–19:00
  • Tuesday 7:00–19:00
  • Wednesday 7:00–19:00
  • Thursday 7:00–19:00
  • Friday 7:00–19:00


15490 SW 134th Pl #503, Miami, FL 33177, Estados Unidos



I really recommend them as my 2 puppies are very restless and they are doing great and having a lot of fun with them 🥰

Excellent service, very professional. My puppy is very beautiful. The best 🥰🥰🥰🥰