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Farmacia I+ Alcosa

December 27, 2022


The pharmacy in Sevilla, Spain offers a variety of products for purchase online as well as in-store. According to Yanming L, the delivery is fast, taking only 24 hours. However, it is advisable to confirm orders over the phone as some items may not be in stock. Angela A praises the efficient and friendly service provided by the staff, as well as their specialized knowledge in skin and hair care products. Carolina M had a positive experience with the professional and specialized attention received for a custom formula, despite the high number of customers at the store.

Pros And Cons


  • Wide range of products available for purchase
  • Fast delivery
  • Professional and specialized attention
  • Open 24 hours


  • Confirm orders over the phone to ensure availability


Q: Is the store open 24 hours? A: Yes, the store is open 24 hours.

Q: Is it possible to purchase products online? A: Yes, it is possible to purchase products online.

Q: Does the store offer specialized attention for custom formulas? A: Yes, the store offers specialized attention for custom formulas.


“I recently purchased a breast pump and 2 baby bottles for my Chinese friend through the website. I later confirmed the order over the phone and was told that they didn’t have one of the items I had ordered. They switched it out for another and even gifted me a baby puree that was delicious. There are many people who purchase items from here daily, so some things may become out of stock easily. I recommend those who have ordered online to double-check their orders over the phone. The delivery is fast, within 24 hours. Great pharmacy.” – Yanming L

“This is definitely my go-to place for any pharmacy products as well as skin and hair care products. They provide efficient, friendly, and specialized service that makes it a pleasure to do business with them. I always recommend them. Congratulations on always being there for your customers.” – Angela A

“I visited the store for a custom formula and other cosmetic creams and received very professional and specialized attention. I received the formula very quickly. I was delighted with the attention received despite the large number of people they have. From now on, this will be my reference pharmacy.” – Carolina M