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kdmorris photography • Candlelight Studio 215 • Studio 4e

May 18, 2023

Located in the heart of Philadelphia, kdmorris photography, Candlelight Studio 215, and Studio 4e are your ideal choice for all your photography needs. Pioneering art photography in the area, this establishment specializes in a wide range of photography genres, including wedding photography, portrait photography, and fashion photography.


Offering a variety of services, the studio is well-equipped to handle any photography request:

  • Wedding Photography: Capture every moment of your special day with their professional headshots and wedding pics. Their service includes pre-wedding photos and the creation of a beautiful wedding photo album.
  • Portrait Photography: With an experienced portrait photographer on staff, they offer professional headshots and family photos.
  • Fashion Photography: The studio is known for its outstanding model photos and unique photos that highlight the latest trends.
  • Photography for Social Media: They provide photography for social media to help promote your personal brand or business.
  • Photo Studio Rental: The photo studio is available for rental, allowing you to create your own photo shoot.

Hours of Operation

  • The studio is open from 08:00 to 22:00 from Monday to Friday, and from 06:00 to 22:00 on weekends.

Contact Information

  • For further information or to book an appointment, please contact at +12153954445.


  1. The wedding photography by kdmorris was simply the best. The photos were so real and honest, truly capturing the essence of our special day.” – Positive
  2. A professional photographer with an amazing talent. Our family photos have never looked better. Highly recommended!” – Positive
  3. We hired their photographer for our party and the results were outstanding. Every shot was a masterpiece.” – Positive
  4. I found their photo studio to be quite professional, but the photographer hire cost was a bit higher than expected.” – Neutral
  5. The portrait photography was good, but I found the waiting time for an appointment to be quite long.” – Neutral

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do I need an appointment? A1: Yes, appointments are required to ensure the best service.

Q2: Is the studio accessible for people with disabilities? A2: Yes, the studio is equipped with wheelchair-accessible rest areas and restrooms.

Q3: Is the studio LGBTQ+ friendly? A3: Absolutely, the studio is a safe space for everyone, including the transgender community.

Q4: Do they offer photography courses or workshops? A4: For information regarding photography courses or workshops, please contact the studio directly.

Q5: Can I rent the studio for a personal photo shoot? A5: Yes, the studio is available for rental. Please contact for availability and pricing.

For all are photography needs, kdmorris photography, Candlelight Studio 215, and Studio 4e provide a professional, inclusive, and creative environment to ensure that your moments are captured perfectly​