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East Coast Investigations

December 29, 2022

East Coast Investigations, Inc., is a full-service, licensed registered investigative agency, holding credentials with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. This allows our agency to legally conduct an investigation and the evidence that is obtained can be used in a court of law as it can be testified to by our investigator(s) They been in practice over 33 years and have dealt with all aspects of investigative needs. they have the staff and experience to help get you through a difficult time. Experience matters


It’s great to hear that East Coast Investigations, Inc. is a licensed and experienced investigative agency that has been in practice for over 33 years. It’s important to work with a reputable and experienced investigator in order to ensure that the evidence obtained during an investigation is reliable and can be used in a court of law. It’s also important to have a team of skilled and experienced investigators who can handle a wide range of investigative needs. It’s good to know that East Coast Investigations, Inc. has the staff and experience to help clients navigate through difficult times.


  • Access to highly trained and experienced professionals: the investigators at East Coast Investigations, Inc. hold credentials with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, indicating that they have received the necessary training and certification to conduct investigations legally and effectively.
  • Access to advanced resources and technology: an investigative agency like East Coast Investigations, Inc. may have access to a variety of advanced resources and technology that can be useful during an investigation, such as surveillance equipment or data analysis tools.
  • Support from a team: when working with an investigative agency, you have access to a team of investigators who can work together to more effectively address a problem or investigative need.


  • Costs: hiring an investigative agency may be more expensive than doing it yourself.
  • Lack of control: when working with an investigative agency, you give up a certain degree of control over the investigation process to the agency’s professionals.
  • Communication gap: there may be a communication gap between the client and the agency’s investigators due to the lack of direct contact and the need to communicate through intermediaries.


I never thought I’d ever need a private investigator. Never say never! I needed some information on someone and contacted Jason. The way he worked was effective and efficient! It didn’t take long before I had more information that I asked for! I must say, it gave me a sense of security and a new perspective of talent through in-depth investigation. I highly recommend this company. Thank you for your assistance.

Jason, the lead investigator, was very patient, responsive and thorough with all my questions. Definitely made a difficult situation better.

East coast investigations were very professional. They returned every call and email and kept me informed every day. I would definitely recommend them anyone.

Biggest waste of money I have ever spent. I reached out to East Coast Investigations hoping to get answers to questions concerning the house next to ours. I was told they could get answers from the city and from finance companies that I couldn’t get. All they did was run a few inquiries from data bases. They provided me with less information than what I had obtained by myself.

This is Ryan Davis. The service I received from Nick was exceptional! I would highly recommend East Coast Investigations.

Top Notch!!