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Bercleys Management

January 13, 2023

The tenant who lived in one of the properties managed by 43 Stamford Hill, London N16 5SR, United Kingdom +442088002333 for five years has expressed disappointment and frustration with the management company’s handling of ongoing issues with damp, mold, and condensation. Despite multiple complaints via phone and email, and the management company’s own documentation of the issues, no meaningful action has been taken to address the problems.

The tenant has also expressed concern about the impact of these conditions on the health and well-being of themselves and their children. The tenant has said that the mold has spread from upstairs in the bedroom to the front room and even to the BEDTIME shop beneath the residence. The tenant is also frustrated that the landlord is aware of the issues but continues to collect rent without taking action to address them. The tenant has stated that they have moved out of the property and expressed disappointment with the property management company.


I live in one of their properties on Victoria road, ruislip for five years and for the last three years have been complaining about damp, mould and condensation via emails and phone calls. They have been to the property to take their own pics and vids of the issues, yet nothing has been done! Actually they gave me a humidifier during summer (hot weather) which didn’t do anything because the damage was and is damaged to far gone for that to even help. I have two children here breathing in this stuff for how many years and yet they don’t care that their tenants are living in these conditions or the effects that it’s doing to our health and mental state. The mould has spread from upstairs in bedroom to front room to the BEDTIME shop beneath me. I am appalled and disappointed that they are happy to continue to get rent every month and think it’s okay for their tenants to chase them down to fix issues that they are aware of. They need to fix up, kids and I are going for blood tests in the next few weeks they better hope our results don’t come back that we have any issues from this.
There is probably six properties that has this issue and I am the only one speaking on it because I refuse to continue to put up with this, unprofessional, useless agency. The issue needs to be dealt with!! Do better, every landlord that has taken over has done nothing but be in agreement that we shouldn’t be living like this but yet still do not do anything about it.

Just ended our tenancy and moved into our own Home. Lovely management company. Prompt and nice to deal with.

Brilliant property management company being a tenant I have nothing but praise

Yaakov is amazing!!! Best service ever. Highly recommended.

best company for property managment

Contact information

  • Address: 43 Stamford Hill, London N16 5SR, United Kingdom
  • Phone Number: +442088002333