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Revive and Thrive Mental Wellness

November 18, 2022

Welcome to Revive & Thrive Mental Wellness (formerly Open Arms, Open Minds), your home for compassionate and effective mental health services. They understand that no two people are exactly alike and that everyone’s path to mental health is different. They are your guides to an emotionally balanced, peaceful future.

Their psychiatric nurses are experienced in all aspects of your mental health journey and specialize in developing effective treatment plans for all ages, from teens to elder care.

Join this family and see how bright your future can be no matter how you feel today.

They understand and are willing to help you.

How they can help

Revive & Thrive Mental Wellness believes in taking a holistic approach to improving emotional health. They have providers who specialize in all mental health disciplines, including adolescent mental health.

No one heals alone. Her goal is to work with her patients and their families to discover their unique strengths and abilities. This allows us to use our expertise to lay the foundations for stability and wellbeing.

They don’t just “hear” their patients. they listen. Revive & Thrive provides a safe space for our patients to feel trusted and empathetic, allowing them to open up to a deeper level of emotional well-being.


  • I have loved my time as a patient at Revive and Thrive! I couldn’t speak more fondly of the staff – with a big shout out to Caroline and Shannon, for being kind, knowledgeable and genuine. My psychiatrist, Kayla Potter, is absolutely wonderful. You can tell that she truly cares about her patients and wants the best for their well being. She takes the time to listen intently to what it is your feeling, so that she can help you decide what’s best. Also, she’s always respectful and thorough when answering questions and makes you feel confident with what she prescribes. I would definitely recommend!
  • I am so fortunate to have found this practice. Everyone here is accommodating and attentive and I’ve always felt listened to/heard. I can’t recommend them enough, and especially Kayla Potter. She is fantastic and knows her stuff! I am in a much healthier place because of Revive & Thrive.
  • We all know that quality front office staff makes a HUGE difference- and both Shannon and Caroline are each INCREDIBLE. (Conveniently, Shannon is very responsive to emails if ever I run into an issue). With regards to Kayla Potter, I CANNOT say enough good words about her. She goes ABOVE and BEYOND. I’ve had my run through of TERRIBLE experiences with medical staff/insurance/etc. and yet Kayla and Shannon have been a steady aide in my journey. 13+ years of various chronic pain/depression/anxiety/etc. treatments and I can list on one hand how many NP (nurse practitioners), doctors, counselors, physical therapists, etc. that I would be willing to recommend without hesitation or concern- and Kayla Potter is at the TOP of that list. If you’re looking to heal and properly move forward with your life, I really suggest reaching out to Kayla and taking that step!
  • I can not say enough good things about this office! Let’s start by saying I’ve been with this Dr for the last year and God knew what he was doing when he sent her my way! Shes great! Very easy to talk too! Her office staff is simply amazing! Those girls are some of the sweetest! Every time I go in for my appointment I feel like we’ve all been friends forever when in reality we barely no one another, but I love that bond! These girls are always lifting me up! Whether I’m paying my bill or getting my vitals done, they always make me feel so comfortable an liked! I promise, if u are looking for Dr, Mrs Vicki an her girls, (ALL OF THEM) will not disappoint you!

Contact Information


PHONE: 301.682.2047

FAX: 240.815.6905

EMAIL: [email protected]