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Barrington Place Subdivision

November 16, 2022

They are classic inspired and meticulously detailed to capture the simple elegance and authentic sophistication of true luxury. The architectural design evokes a strong European character in the mix of masonry materials. Inside, you’ll find an open-plan interior thoughtfully appointed with styles handpicked by a bespoke designer based on your desired lifestyle. The result is a timeless home that is unique every time.


It is committed to responsible building sustainable healthy homes with true respect for the environment. Every residence at Barrington Place embodies the passion for this mission, combining smart, eco-conscious design, green development, locally and regionally sourced materials, and high-performance systems to create a healthier, more comfortable, environmentally friendly home. Home with less impact. in the environment.


Beautiful subdivision!!

Some builders are much better than others….

Houses are poorly built with cheap materials. They cut corners and poor the house slabs either to wet or after a hard rain which will cause foundation problems within 5 to 10 years. No house here is worth 100k. A waste of money