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202 Hometown Tacos

February 2, 2024

202 Hometown Tacos radiates the vibrant flavors of Mexican cuisine along 407 Lincoln Ave, Bellevue, PA 15202, United States. Operating hours span from 12–10 p.m. every day except Sundays when they take a well-deserved rest.

This Mexican restaurant, boasting a commendable 4.3 rating, invites patrons to indulge in authentic culinary experiences. The ambiance exudes warmth, making it an ideal spot for families and LGBTQ+ individuals alike.

Diners relish in a diverse menu, from delectable Queso and Shrimp Tacos to enticing cocktails and wine. The price range of $20-30 per person makes it accessible for various budgets.

202 Hometown Tacos stands out with its swift service, catering to those in a rush and sports enthusiasts alike. With wheelchair-accessible facilities and free Wi-Fi, inclusivity reigns supreme.

Reviews vary, reflecting the diversity of experiences. While some praise the attentive staff and delectable dishes, others note limitations for special dietary needs. However, the consensus leans towards a memorable dining affair.


  1. “First-time visitor and thoroughly impressed… highly recommend! Five-star service!”
  2. “The food lacked flavor, perhaps my El Paso background biased me, but the taco meat was bland. Too generic. Definitely overpriced.”
  3. “The atmosphere was delightful, especially during non-festive occasions.”
  4. “Great prices, excellent service. Will definitely return.”
  5. “Delicious food, but beware for Amorim allergics: NO SPECIAL ORDERS!”

Questions & Answers:

  1. Q: Do they offer delivery service? A: Yes, they do offer delivery along with takeout and dine-in options.
  2. Q: Is the restaurant child-friendly? A: Absolutely! They provide a children’s menu and high chairs for little ones.
  3. Q: Do they accept reservations? A: Yes, reservations are accepted, ensuring a hassle-free dining experience.