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Health Emergency Lifeline Programs

November 18, 2022

Health Emergency Lifeline Programs (HELP) is a nonprofit community organization that empowers community members to manage their health needs and live healthy, productive lives. The agency provides a wide range of services to people living with HIV or HCV in southeast Michigan and provides health navigation and counseling services to the public. These programs deliver consistent positive results and stability to more than 1,500 clients each year.

Help provide:

• Housing and utility assistance
• Food stamps and dietary supplements
• nutritional advice
• Assistance in obtaining medical services

• Medical case management services
• Mental health counseling and emotional support
• Access to medicines, insurance and other services


  • Great Care Management. One stop for everything care. Just updating this review. This place is amazing for anyone in need or assistants or they recommend you the other agencies. Like Lakeshore Legal services for low income and over 60. Mental health, stop smoking program, etc a true one stop shop.
  • HELP and Corktown Health Clinic are rare gems that provides affordable health care to all community members and is welcoming to people of all orientations, genders and economic status. They also provide health care and some social assistance for people living with HIV/AIDS. If you are seeking personal and professional medical care, they are not to be missed!
  • This place is like my second home. Help has help me in so many ways which has made me to maintain a good quality life. The staff are nice and friendly and very knowledgeable regardless of the subject matter.
  • Great place. They’re right on point with their mission statement. They do a very good job meeting the needs of the populations they serve.