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Rio Ranch Market

July 23, 2023

Discover the vibrant and diverse shopping experience at Rio Ranch Market in Perris, California. Rio Ranch Market offers an array of products, from fresh produce to specialty items, making it a go-to destination for locals and visitors alike. With its captivating ambiance and excellent customer service, this supermarket has become a favorite spot for all grocery needs.

Services and Offerings:

At Rio Ranch Market, you’ll find an impressive selection of groceries, including high-quality meats, cheeses, and a delightful variety of fruits and vegetables. Their in-store kitchen prepares mouthwatering Mexican-themed delicacies, like fresh tortillas and scrumptious tamales, which are bound to please any palate. Additionally, shoppers can explore an assortment of cakes and other delectable desserts for that perfect sweet treat.

Store Hours and Location:

Located at 460 East 4th Street in Perris, CA, Rio Ranch Market is open throughout the week, catering to busy schedules and late-night shopping needs. Operating from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM every day, customers can conveniently enjoy the market’s offerings.

Contact Information:

For inquiries or assistance, you can reach Rio Ranch Market at (951) 443-3220. Their helpful and friendly staff is always ready to provide the best shopping experience.


  • Hoa Nguyen-Wu: “Grand Opening was 10/26/22, remodeled from Rio Ranch Market. An excellent place to shop for all your grocery needs, with a wide variety of products to choose from.”
  • Clarence Jacobs: “This place is now Cardenas Market. Primarily Mexican-themed with mariachi music playing and fresh in-store tortillas. Great selection of meats and cheeses, plus an impressive kitchen that serves delightful tamales.”
  • Ann Ogbeni: “Love the sales they have on fruits and vegetables. Also, they have a nice selection of cakes. If you’re looking for unique meats, this is the place to find them.”
  • Jessely Hernandez: “Inflation is hitting everyone hard, and this place is no exception. Prices seem to have doubled since Cardenas took over. However, the store is clean, and the staff is helpful.”
  • Sandra F.: “Rio Ranch Market has a wide variety of products, but the checkout lines can get long. Recently, they added more registers, which has improved the shopping experience.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: What are Rio Ranch Market’s store hours on weekdays?
  2. A: Rio Ranch Market opens at 7:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM from Monday to Friday.
  3. Q: Is Rio Ranch Market accessible for wheelchair users?
  4. A: Yes, Rio Ranch Market provides a wheelchair-accessible entrance for all shoppers.

In conclusion, Rio Ranch Market stands out as a vibrant and diverse shopping destination in Perris, CA. With its impressive selection of products, delightful in-store kitchen, and excellent customer service, it offers a gratifying shopping experience for everyone. Whether you’re seeking fresh produce, specialty items, or mouthwatering Mexican delicacies, Rio Ranch Market has got you covered. Visit them today and embark on a delightful shopping adventure!