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Outdoor Specialists

November 2, 2022

Special service

Water conservancy works, fountain and swimming pool installation works product Pool Accessories

Do you have problems with your pool?
call Outdoor Specialists they are the best to solve your problems, they will be willing to help you with experts, very friendly and above all the best.

They will install your pool in an instant, do not hesitate to call them and quote your project


  • Tuesday 8:00–18:00
  • Wednesday 8:00–18:00
  • Thursday 8:00–18:00
  • Friday 8:00–18:00
  • Saturday 9:00–13:00
  • Sunday Closed
  • Monday 8:00–18:00


Chris and the staff at Outdoor Specialists installed our pool 9 years ago and we are still loyal, happy customers! Chris recommended a new pool liner for us this year and we’re so glad he did! A small hole was found before damaging the pool wall or yard. Chris always follows up and supports his work promptly and professionally!

Chris and his crew installed a new line of pads in my pool. They showed up early and did a great job! Chris responded promptly to all my calls and texts. Very satisfied with everything!

Chris and his staff were amazing, very professional and did a great job. They are on time and friendly too. If you wish to have your pool installed correctly, ask Chris and his staff of Outdoor Specialist for advice, you won’t regret it. For those who can’t handle the stress of installing a swimming pool, don’t install a swimming pool. There is never an exact date for the installation of a swimming pool, and weather and many other factors can affect the installation date. The world doesn’t just revolve around you and your pool purchase, there are many other customers who have purchased pools waiting to be installed. Life is too short, a pool is just an object, enjoy life to the fullest and don’t sweat the little things.