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Centre Physical Therapy Lincoln Park

November 18, 2022

At Center Physical Therapy, they’re in the people business, which is why everything revolves around getting you better, more holistic care. Your people-centred approach means you’ll receive hands-on instruction from professionals committed to your goals.

They pride themselves on taking a holistic, research-based approach to your health and have designed their practice to meet the needs of their patients. In keeping with this commitment, they ensure thoughtful communication and personal advice with expert staff. Because we believe you deserve to live a life that moves you.

Frequently asked questions

Ask: What is Physical Therapy?
R: Physiotherapy is the treatment of disease, injury or deformity through physical methods such as massage, heat treatment and exercise, rather than drugs or surgery. Physical therapy uses neuromuscular re-education exercises, manual therapy (similar to massage), and patient education to reduce your pain and help you regain pre-injury function.

Ask: What is a Physiotherapist?
R: A physical therapist (PT) is a trained, licensed medical professional who helps patients reduce pain and improve or restore mobility. In many cases, this is achieved without surgery and often reduces the patient’s need for long-term medication.

Ask: Does Physical Therapy Cause Pain?
R: No, physical therapy shouldn’t cause you more pain than you’ve already experienced. However, there is a difference between pain and soreness. People unfamiliar with muscle soreness may experience severe discomfort;

Contact Information

Lincoln Park, IL 2116 N. Halsted Street, Chicago, IL. 60614


M & W:  10:30am-7pm
T, Th, F:  7am-3:30pm