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Gus Tire Services

July 23, 2023

Gus Tire Services is a reputable car repair and tire store located at 676 S Charles Richard Beall Blvd, DeBary, FL. With a variety of services tailored to meet car owners’ needs, this establishment has earned a solid reputation within the local community. Their dedication to exceptional customer service sets them apart in the industry.

Services Offered

At Gus Tire Services, customers can expect a wide range of services, including tire repairs, replacements, and balancing. Whether you drive a small car, a powerful truck, or anything in between, they have the expertise and inventory to serve you efficiently. Their skilled technicians ensure fast and reliable service for your convenience.

Location and Business Hours

Gus Tire Services is conveniently located at 676 S Charles Richard Beall Blvd, DeBary, FL 32713. Their business hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Sunday: Closed

Contact Information

  • For inquiries and appointments, you can contact them at (386) 668-4710. Their team of professionals is always ready to assist you with any automotive needs.


  • Clayton’s Quality Tree Service: “These guys are awesome! We have used them for several years. Mostly on bucket truck, chip truck, and trailer tires. They nearly always have the tires we need in stock and are SUPER fast! The customer service is on point. If you need tires, these are the guys for you! Thank you guys for the awesome work. We appreciate it!”
  • Jeff Max: “WORST PLACE EVER!!! My friend has been coming here for 4 years and they sold her an old dry rotted tire that only lasted her 2 weeks. They said, ‘oh well, no warranty.’ You shouldn’t rip off loyal customers. Will not be back!!!”
  • Taylor Connell: “Great guys! They balanced my tires in no time and took care of my jeep, like it was their own.”

Q&A Section

Q: Do they offer wheel alignment services?

  • A: Yes, Gus Tire Services provides wheel alignment services to ensure your vehicle’s proper handling and tire longevity.

Q: Is there a waiting area for customers?

  • A: Yes, there is a comfortable waiting lounge inside their sales floor where customers can relax while their vehicles are being serviced.

Q: Do they accept credit card payments?

  • A: Yes, Gus Tire Services accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, for your convenience.

Q: Can I bring my SUV for tire replacements?

  • A: Absolutely! Gus Tire Services caters to all types of vehicles, including SUVs, for tire replacements and other services.


  • Gus Tire Services is a reliable and customer-focused car repair and tire store in DeBary, FL. With a range of services, efficient team, and dedication to customer satisfaction, they are the go-to destination for tire needs. Whether it’s tire repairs, replacements, or balancing, you can trust them to provide top-notch service with a smile. Visit their website at for more information.