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A.A. Mobile Semi Repair

November 27, 2022


AA Mobile Road Service is a road maintenance company serving a 200 mile area around Albuquerque, New Mexico. They repair trailers, RVs, cars and trailers, new and used tires. Best prices, fastest repair times and 24/7 uninterrupted service are your top priorities. You are the solution to problems on the road.

Best Roadside Assistance in New Mexico – Albuquerque. Stuck in the driveway with the kids on school morning? Stuck on a road full of passengers or cargo? Broken taillights, broken brakes or a flat spare tire preventing you from driving? Can’t take time from your regular car service? Eliminate the hassle of getting in and out of the garage, or worse, renting a trailer. Your semi is going to break down in the worst place at the worst time. AA Mobile Road Service in Albuquerque is ready to help when you need it.

For nearly 20 years, they have helped thousands of clients in need. Albuquerque residents trust AA Mobile Road Service to help them when they’re stuck on the road. Call her today.


  • Truck Repair Shop

Contact and Address

Phone: +1 815-374-4236

Address: 2000 W, McDonough St #3838, Joliet, Illinois  60436, US


Mon:Open 24 hours
Tue:Open 24 hours
Wed:Open 24 hours
Thu:Open 24 hours
Fri:Open 24 hours
Sat:Open 24 hours
Sun:Open 24 hours


Great service, this guy is nice, nice people, fast, not too expensive, helped me a lot, thank you all

If you value your money and your truck, stay away from him. Tweakers hack job, made the problem worse, now there is a grounding problem and needs to drain the truck or battery. Simple wiring is said to have been done instead of pulling it together and gluing the burnt, shorted wires and burnt adapter together. I will never see and pay $300 to fix it again.

As the driver of a tractor trailer owner, I have seen quite a few roadside repairers. This company is great! ! ! The service technician came within 10 minutes of me calling him and put me on my way 15 minutes later. I couldn’t be happier with it because as the owner, it costs me every time the truck doesn’t run.