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Herbalife club Copiague Center

November 23, 2022

Herbalife Nutrition is the #1 nutritional supplement brand in Mexico*. They are a leader in 96 countries with over 40 years of experience providing the best nutritional supplements. They are a globally responsible company committed to improving the lives of people and communities.

They improve eating habits in over 90 countries. They provide innovative and science-based products. Focus on the dietary needs of customers. You help society and the environment. They provide business opportunities to achieve their goals.


Herbalife Nutrition products are not intended to prevent, alleviate, treat or cure any disease, disorder or condition. Herbalife Nutrition recommends consulting your physician before taking any Herbalife Nutrition products. These products are not medicines. eat healthy. Health is beauty.


  • They provide community support to help achieve goals with personalized attention to individual needs.

Scientific support:

  • They have a team of seasoned experts in their fields who help create products that complement the diet and help achieve your goals.

Business opportunity:

  • The best business opportunity on the market that allows you to generate additional income by investing the time of your choice.


  • 517 Eichen Street
  • Copige, NY 11726 U.S.
  • (631) 432-2772




Its the best place ever to have some Healthy smoothie for the day and the girls that works there are amazing 🤩

I love herbalife shakes . Any time i can i stop for my delicious shake

Herbalife is a MLM scam, and has been linked to many cases of organ failure.