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Wildflower & Whiskey Clothing Co

October 15, 2022

They love helping our clients create sustainable wardrobes and looks that match their lifestyle and inner ethos. They’ll help you create an elegant, effortless look that sets you apart while refreshing your wardrobe seasonally with exciting statement pieces.

Every time we post something new, they warn our followers ahead of time so they can benefit first. are you ready? Then let’s get in touch!

You may need a break as you explore Wildflower and Whiskey’s truly one-of-a-kind collection of fashion, jewelry and gifts, or you may have someone who just wants to sit back and relax. Our terrace is perfect for relaxation. They even serve you our signature whisky cocktails for you to enjoy!


Karen Lane: Beautiful clothing and very friendly, helpful sales staff. Prices I saw were in the $150-$390 range.

Dee Dee Hicks: They are moving to Mt. Pleasant but are super fabulous! Love the ladies that run this place. Super friendly. And tons of nice vintage finds!!

Jobie Jobe: Loads of inventory! Nice, classic wood furniture, good quality. There’s some glassware, some rugs but by far is furniture.