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Mi Tierra K-Tracha

January 25, 2023

Mi Tierra K-Tracha is a relaxed and contemporary restaurant located in the Long Beach, CA. The restaurant serves traditional Honduran food and is known for its quick service, delicious coffee, and sports showing on TVs. The restaurant offers options for takeout, dine-in, and delivery. It’s particularly popular for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and is also a great option for solo diners.

The restaurant is wheelchair accessible and has a designated area for rest, an elevator, parking spots, and toilets for those with disabilities. There’s also a wide range of food options available such as alcohol, appetizers, sandwiches, coffee, beer, cocktails, homemade food, a children’s menu, and healthy options.

The restaurant also offers options for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and desserts, and has a seating area. The restaurant is family-friendly and has WiFi (with a fee) and is a great place to go with kids. The atmosphere is pleasant and informal. The usual crowd is groups and families, and it’s also a good option for tourists. The restaurant accepts reservations and accepts debit and credit cards as payment options.

Though the service was generally good, the customer had a problem with the cashier who charged for a soda that was not included in their order. The customer would rate the service as 3 out of 5 for this reason but overall had a good experience as the food was authentic, delicious and fresh.


  1. Quick service – Mi Tierra K-Tracha is known for its fast service, ensuring that customers receive their food in a timely manner.
  2. Delicious coffee – The restaurant serves high-quality coffee that is known for its rich taste and aroma.
  3. Sports showing – The restaurant has TVs that show live sports events, making it a great spot for sports fans to catch a game while enjoying a meal.
  4. Wheelchair accessibility – The restaurant is equipped with features that make it accessible for customers in wheelchairs, such as a designated rest area, an elevator, parking spots, and toilets.
  5. Wide range of food options – The restaurant offers a variety of food options, including alcohol, appetizers, sandwiches, coffee, beer, cocktails, homemade food, a children’s menu, and healthy options.
  6. Family-friendly – The restaurant is a great option for families, with options for children and high chairs available.
  7. WiFi – The restaurant offers WiFi with a fee, making it a convenient spot for customers to catch up on work or social media while they dine.
  8. Pleasant atmosphere – The atmosphere of the restaurant is pleasant and informal, making it a comfortable spot for customers to relax and enjoy their meal.
  9. Reservations accepted – The restaurant accepts reservations, making it easy for customers to plan ahead and secure a table.
  10. Credit and debit cards accepted – The restaurant accepts credit and debit cards as payment options, making it convenient for customers to pay for their meal.

Contact information

  1. Name: Mi Tierra K-Tracha
  2. Address: 2417 E Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA 90804, United States
  3. Phone number: +15623426700