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Healthy Furs – Natural Pet Store

December 29, 2022

Healthy Furs – Natural Pet Store is a pet store located in Santa Clarita, California that focuses on providing natural and healthy products for pets. Customers have praised the store for its wide selection of single ingredient treats and supplements, as well as the knowledge and helpfulness of the store’s owners.

Many reviewers have noted that the store only carries high-quality, healthy brands with no harmful ingredients, and that their pets have enjoyed the new treats and supplements they have purchased. Overall, customers have had a positive experience at Healthy Furs – Natural Pet Store and have found it to be a reliable source for natural and healthy products for their pets.


This store is the only pet store I have found that only carries healthy foods and treats for your pets. They carry only quality brands with absolutely NO harmful ingredients. They truly have your pets best interest in mind and any product you pick up off the shelf is of the utmost quality, unlike any petstore I have ever been to in the best way possible.

I was happy to find out that a natural pet store opened near by, but little did I know the highlight of the store is actually the shop owner. He went above and beyond to help us, asked all the right questions, gave his recommendations and advised us based on experience. We walked out of the store educated, and that’s a shopping experience I really appreciate. 1 day in and our dogs love their new treats and supplements. Thank you!

It’s so hard to find healthy treats and natural food sources in one place nowadays, I usually have to order my fur babies furries and freeze died treats online to make sure they are single ingredient, I’m so excited this little shop has opened up and is close by. They have everything from cod skins, minnows, pig snouts, duck heads, supplements, goats milk kefir, so many goodies. Not to mention, the owners are so incredibly nice and knowledgeable and truly made the experience 100x better. I have found my new favorite pet shop!



Faqs question

What types of products does Healthy Furs – Natural Pet Store carry?

Healthy Furs – Natural Pet Store carries a wide range of natural and healthy products for pets, including treats, supplements, and other pet-related items. Some examples of products that may be available at the store include cod skins, minnows, pig snouts, duck heads, supplements, and goats milk kefir.

Is the store owner knowledgeable and helpful?

According to customer reviews, the store owner is highly knowledgeable and helpful, and is willing to answer questions and provide recommendations based on experience. Many customers have praised the owner for going above and beyond to provide a helpful and educational shopping experience.

Do the products at Healthy Furs – Natural Pet Store contain harmful ingredients?

No, the store only carries high-quality brands with no harmful ingredients. Customers can trust that any product they purchase from Healthy Furs – Natural Pet Store is of the utmost quality and has the best interests of their pets in mind.

Contact information

  • Address: 19315 Plum Canyon Rd suite b, Santa Clarita, CA 91350, United States
  • Phone: +16616603877